Interviu cu Liviu Mateescu – Presedintele ARTS

The Romanian Association For Security Technique has already begun preparations for the 5th edition of the Romanian Security Fair – Biennial International Exhibition of Security Services and Technique. Organized in partnership with ROMEXPO, the exhibition brings to the stands, once every two years, the most important actors in the field in Romania, and tends to become a regional hub for all those who design, produce, distribute or install security equipment and technology.

I asked Mr. Liviu Mateescu, president of ARTS, what are the expectations for the 5th edition of the Romanian Security Fair.

Liviu Mateescu: Expectations are great, because after 10 years of hard work, we have managed to set up an event really relevant to our industry and beyond.. ….

Running between October 18 and October 20, the Romanian Security Fair is placed in the wake of Security Fair from Essen, perhaps the largest in Europe, and I have always had, keeping the proportions, as a model and as a goal to achieve. We want the Romanian Security Fair to have a similar relevance to the entire south-eastern part of Europe and to bring important companies from all countries of the region under the same roof from Romexpo Central Pavilion.

Reporter: What distinguishes the 2018 RSF edition from the previous one?

Liviu Mateescu: The first and, I think, the most important thing is that the fair will be open on Saturday. We also want to open this Fair to end-users and to the ultimate beneficiaries of our products and services. Above all, the technology that we will introduce at the exhibition is a matter of safety for the citizen, both as a „citizen of the city” and as an individual. The fact that the CCTV cameras definition has increased, sensitivity of detection sensors has increased, that we have implemented powerful face-recognition software or that we have interconnected alarm devices is only an intellectual or technological performance. All of this, however, represents an increase of personal safety at home, at the office, in the means of transport, at the stadium or at the mall, and I think that is essential. The second thing that distinguishes RSF 2018 from RSF 2016 is the technology that will be brought by exhibitors. We are talking about the IP integration in security systems, whether it’s about control access or video analysis systems; we have new things in the fire signaling and protection area, and I refer to IP communication interfaces, as well as new generation detection sensors; then we have the video data analysis systems – which since the last edition – have reached a degree of sophistication that we did not even think about some time ago. Thirdly – and this is a great deal of work in this moment – is that we want to bring to the fair companies that operate in security related areas; intelligent lighting, protective equipment, home automation, automation, related services.

Reporter: Who would you like to see at the fair?

Liviu Mateescu:
As I said, I would like to see at the fair, several users, especially from central and local governments – ministries, town halls, regardless of size – who should see the level of development of video monitoring systems which – once implemented – could contribute to a significant reduction of unpleasant traffic events or crime as a social phenomenon. It is demonstrated that a functional video system does not record only the events in the area but, more importantly, it acts as a deterrent factor for those who are thinking about violating the law.

Reporter: Beyond the authorities, who would you like to see at RSF?

Liviu Mateescu: I would like to see companies and people from companies that use and integrate in their activities security solutions: architects, builders, electricians, lighting specialists. I think the time has come for security systems – whether it’s about fire safety, anti-burglary systems or video surveillance systems – to be taken into account right from the beginning and integrated by those who draw, build or shape our way of social existence. The concept of „living smart” also includes the security of the person, and the functionality of the space itself and its aesthetics.

Reporter: The Romanian security systems users, are they more pretentious than those from other European countries?

Liviu Mateescu: Some do, some do not. The Romanian security consumer is not a very informed, careful or quality-oriented one. Unfortunately, we see that only strict regulation makes the Romanian security consumer to comply with what in other countries, are norms of civic sense, the criterion of choosing a security system is – most of time – the lowest price. Insurers should be more involved in this matter and have a better judge of what are the criteria for determining the amount of damages in the damage event. After all, who installs high-performance safety systems reduces the risk of damage, and I think this should be taken into account. Returning to RSF, I think one of the roles this exhibition has is to prove that the cutting edge technique has a price, but saving people’s life is invaluable.

Reporter: Who should be present at the Romanian Security Fair?

Liviu Mateescu: Anyone working in this field – in some form or another – should be present at the fair, as an exhibitor or as a visitor. It’s the biggest event of this industry, the best chance to make your products and services known, the best opportunity to see if what you do – as a manufacturer, as a security solution integrator – is at the level of the requirements market. At the fair you have the opportunity to meet and find business partners – buyers or suppliers of equipment and solutions – people in this extremely dynamic field.


ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR – the biennial international exhibition of security services and technique – is the main international discussion platform for companies serving the Romanian security industry and abroad. It represents a unique opportunity to benefit from the results of research and technological innovation and intensify contacts with the providers and consumers, and provides real chances for international development.
ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR is a confirmed partner of all the stakeholders in the security industry and offers all companies the opportunity to take an active part in creating new synergies between companies, associations, institutions and public opinion.

ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SECURITY TECHNIQUE in partnership with ROMEXPO S.A. await you between 18 to 20 October 2016 to attend at the spectacular performance event at the Fifth Edition of ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR.